Sunday, November 3, 2013

Going Home to Glory

My Grandfather went home to Jesus last night at 9:15.  I'm told that he went to see his Maker, peacefully, painfully and with his loving wife right next to him.
While I know that this is a time of great sorrow, I don't feel great sorrow.  Sure it was hard to have to call my siblings and give them the news.  As circumstances worked out, I actually had to tell my father that his Papa had gone to heaven. And that was probably the hardest thing to do.

To hear the news myself, in truth had me crying.  But, I grieve because I won't be able to go and sit with Grandpa anymore.  Because I should have sat with him so so much more than I did.  But I know without a doubt that I will see him again!
I treasure the moments I had with my Grandfather,
 I remember him singing praises to Jesus. He enjoyed having family around all the time.  Grandpa Pote lit up when children were around. He loved, absolutely loved sharing Jesus with anybody.  He loved boardgames, and wasn't easy on you once you knew how to play.  He loved to go on walks out in God's Creations.  And he loved books, I remember him getting a new book once and the first thing he did was sit down at the kitchen table and flip through the book creasing open the new crisp pages.  I don't know why that memory sticks with me, but the way he treated the new book like a treasure has stuck with me.  I have loved seeing the love and affection my Grandparents still have for each other even in now.  And these past few weeks of his life here on earth, I have loved watching his love for Jesus never waiver no matter the pain or struggle he was going through.

This morning when I was wondering how I was going to tell my boys about their Grandfather.  Then, while we are sitting down to breakfast, Thaddeus ends up asking "How is Grandpa doing? Is he feeling better?".
I was rejoicing inside, because my honest answer could be "Yes, Grandpa is feeling much better."
I went on to tell the boys that Jesus had brought Grandpa home last night.   So, Tristen ends up blessing the food with a prayer that includes thanking the Lord for bringing Grandpa home to heaven!  And then my youngest starts asking if we will see him there.
I am amazed that my boys weren't down at all.  In fact, they went right to praising and thinking of seeing their Grandpa in heaven.

 That's what I want to do.  Rejoice!  My Grandfather is home in the Glory Land,  singing to God and dancing down the streets of gold! 

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  1. so sorry for your loss friend, simply because i know he will be missed. But you are right, he is home and that is cause for rejoicing! :)
    love you!