Sunday, November 3, 2013

Going Home to Glory

My Grandfather went home to Jesus last night at 9:15.  I'm told that he went to see his Maker, peacefully, painfully and with his loving wife right next to him.
While I know that this is a time of great sorrow, I don't feel great sorrow.  Sure it was hard to have to call my siblings and give them the news.  As circumstances worked out, I actually had to tell my father that his Papa had gone to heaven. And that was probably the hardest thing to do.

To hear the news myself, in truth had me crying.  But, I grieve because I won't be able to go and sit with Grandpa anymore.  Because I should have sat with him so so much more than I did.  But I know without a doubt that I will see him again!
I treasure the moments I had with my Grandfather,
 I remember him singing praises to Jesus. He enjoyed having family around all the time.  Grandpa Pote lit up when children were around. He loved, absolutely loved sharing Jesus with anybody.  He loved boardgames, and wasn't easy on you once you knew how to play.  He loved to go on walks out in God's Creations.  And he loved books, I remember him getting a new book once and the first thing he did was sit down at the kitchen table and flip through the book creasing open the new crisp pages.  I don't know why that memory sticks with me, but the way he treated the new book like a treasure has stuck with me.  I have loved seeing the love and affection my Grandparents still have for each other even in now.  And these past few weeks of his life here on earth, I have loved watching his love for Jesus never waiver no matter the pain or struggle he was going through.

This morning when I was wondering how I was going to tell my boys about their Grandfather.  Then, while we are sitting down to breakfast, Thaddeus ends up asking "How is Grandpa doing? Is he feeling better?".
I was rejoicing inside, because my honest answer could be "Yes, Grandpa is feeling much better."
I went on to tell the boys that Jesus had brought Grandpa home last night.   So, Tristen ends up blessing the food with a prayer that includes thanking the Lord for bringing Grandpa home to heaven!  And then my youngest starts asking if we will see him there.
I am amazed that my boys weren't down at all.  In fact, they went right to praising and thinking of seeing their Grandpa in heaven.

 That's what I want to do.  Rejoice!  My Grandfather is home in the Glory Land,  singing to God and dancing down the streets of gold! 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Circles Of Sunshine: Rays of Sunshine-Meet Tabitha

Good Morning everyone!  I know it has been a long, long, long time.  Well, I can't promise to visit much still, but I do have something for ya.  I just got featured at a friend of mine's blog.  The post is completely about our day - just a normal day.  So, if you are interested to see how we spend our time go on over and check it out!

Circles Of Sunshine: Rays of Sunshine-Meet Tabitha: It's Friday! Welcome to our Friday series, Rays of Sunshine. This series is meant to feature different women from different walks of life...

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fight for the Internet

Tell Congress not to censor the internet Now!

You can also call your representative by filling out the form below or visiting this site:

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thaddeus' 1st Day of Kindergarten

Okay, hello to all! It has been a long, fast paced summer that had us running around like a bunch of chickens with our heads cut off.  We have enjoyed it just about all we could, we have done lots of the normal summer things, we have traveled, we have enjoyed the sun (perhaps too much, this Arkansas heat is much much worse than that Illinois heat I apparently had gotten used to. No showering and getting ready for the day just to walk outside and within the first second need another shower) we have enjoyed visiting lots of friends and family, and have also enjoyed taking life day by day by the seat of our pants ;).  Whew, but I am glad to say that it is coming to an end and our somewhat normal routine is coming into play.  But, enough about the summer - I will hopefully (fingers crossed) be post quite a few times fairly quickly to tell you all bout our summer. I need to tell you about Today!

Today, was Thaddeus' 1st day of 'school', kindergarten!  And it was soooo exciting! The boys couldn't hardly go to sleep last night, because they were so excited about the first day of school ;).  Yes, Tristen too.  He got all excited about this school thing and learning and who am I to just toss that aside.  We just scooted up right next to big brother and let him to do all the same things - who cares how much he is getting right now, he is having fun learning and that is the important part for a pre-schooler.
Okay, now to tell you about our day. I know some of ya are just itchin to know ;).  
We started the morning off with our favorites for breakfast.  Thaddeus loves eggs in a hole done with stars instead of circles, so he had that.  And everyone loves my blueberry muffins, so we all had those.  Tristen asked for oatmeal, one of his favorites.  He said, 'Mommy can I have oatmeal, I love oatmeal anyway you make it for me'. We had breakfast with Dad, and Daddy read some current events during breakfast.
Then we said bye to Daddy.
And went take care of the garden.  Thaddeus and Tristen planted some cabbage seeds, they had to take the seeds out of the shells. Ethan watered the garden with Mom ;)
Then, we came in and got started with our new school work!  Ethan built blocks and put together trains and played with play-dough.  He built a building with these legos and came and showed it to all of us ;).
We had Story Time to go over our lesson, and then we had a craft to do.

We started our calender - Thaddeus wrote in today's date, and our 100 chart - we are counting straws and so Thaddeus got a straw and picked out a cup to keep them in while Tristen wrote the number 1 on the chart, team work ;). Then we went over Aa and Bb (since Thaddeus already knows his letters, he actually went over this with Tristen, too cute) and we sang a few songs.
The boys sharpened their own pencils to write their names on their work.
Then we did one more craft about our lesson.
Had a snack: Pretzel sticks and marshmallows, and we tried building them into A's and B's. Then the boys played for a bit.
And we had lunch - we had Aapples cut into puzzle pieces, fun!

Before naptime we all did signing songs and then the rest of the day we just had fun finding things from our lesson wherever we could. :)  It was a Great Day! Gotta Go, tomorrow we are picking peaches before school.
I never did a pic of Thaddues smiling, he was always in the middle of telling something very important, you know space astronaut, marvel/dc heros, food important - i mean practically life or death stuff here

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tristen's 4!

So, we just enjoyed a wonderful day celebrating Tristen's 4th birthday.  We had a blast! and more importantly so did Tristen.
The special thing about birthday's around here isn't as much the presents but to have the day be all about you. Thus, Tristen chose to have baked french toast for breakfast - i make the one i learned from The Pioneer Woman. But of course, while i am all getting up early making a special breakfast for my special boy - he gets up early and catches me (he ends up helping me make it, which he also loves to be able to do, i think more because he gets to taste things like brown sugar and butter, or cinnamon, when helping mom in the kitchen - no really he is a GREAT giving helper) but the first thing he says in he still sleepy voice and while giving me a morning monkey hug is 'mom, where is my present' ~click~ *priceless*

So, from there our day only got better.  We ate our breakfast with Dad, everything is always funner with Dad.

Then we went to Mrs. LouAnn's - 'funny lady' friend of mine from work.  And played in the sprinkler, Ate PIZZA, and watched a movie and played.

Then we were a little exhausted so we came home and rested.....but, I woke big and baby brother's up early to make yummy worms in dirt cupcakes.

And we went outside and had a water gun war - came back in to eat cupcakes and open his gift! ;) A How to Train Your Dragon fire breathing flying action figure! (He Loves IT - keeps it safe under mom and dad's bed)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Monday to Ya!

So, we are enjoying some monday madness around here.  I am trying every so diligently to stay on task for getting the laundry done, but my crowded closests/bedroom/storage room/childrens room are oh so calling to me today.  I just keep trying to go back there and declutter the clutter, and re-organize what I just can't seem to get rid of. So, yes definitley monday madness around here, because as you can only imagine - my 3 boys are only making my organizing madness grow into even bigger madness,  from me trying to think about how to declutter and also playing 20 questions with Thaddeus, or helping Tristen with whatever it is Tristen needs help with ;), or chasing Ethan around the house.
Okay, well snack is done and it is all starting again, and since I now have no idea what it was I was even leading to anymore I will let you continue to enjoy your Monday and hope that you are enjoying some madness with us ;).

Oh, I did want to share with you some pics from the other day...... some good ol' overalls for my little farmer ;)

He says he is going to where them to Papa Joe's Farm

And since, I was taking pics Big Brother wanted in on the action too
He/they are jumping on the couch in case you could tell, sorry for the blurred pics i still like them but i am still learning my camera and i sometimes don't have it set quite right.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Potty Time

I Just wanted to share with everyone this photo -  
Okay this is totally what was going on while I was going to the bathroom - during my Potty Time ;)
Adorable right?!!

..... By the way, I totally had them redo this after I was done so I could get the camera, just thought you should know that.......

Also, I am still working out the kincks in my camera - user errors going on - this will explain any blurring action going on